Thursday, January 10, 2013 Pearl of Wisdom

January 10th, 2013

Are There Two Types of Leaders?

Yesterday, I heard an excellent talk by professor, Susanne J. Peterson Ph.D. from ASU’s Carey School of Business of management. Her topic was the High Impact leader.  Suzanne bases her definition on combining two styles of current leadership; task/results driven and people oriented.

It’s easy to determine whether or not existing or prospective employees from the C-Suite down as well as those being considered for promotion have the technical skills to do a job.  It’s much harder to determine whether their behaviors and attitudes/motivators are in line with the job requirements and company culture.  Today it is imperative that existing leaders within organizations recognize the emotional and monetary cost of not understanding these criteria at the time of hiring and in teambuilding.

Suzanne emphasized that a credible High Impact leader has certain behaviors that contribute to their success and they cannot be overlooked.   As a user and believer in the various assessments that measure behaviors, motivators and competencies, I am in total agreement with this philosophy.   The reports from these assessments help managers with promotion, growth/coaching, benchmarking and hiring.  Many times they answer the reason an existing member of the team is having an issue with their job even though they have the technical skills.

If you are interested in learning more about how to determine the behaviors and competencies needed for jobs in your companies or for success in your present job, then please contact me at: so we can discuss how to help you.  Over the next few weeks, I will be giving you more information on the general behaviors of a High Impact Leader.

Have a great week!

Women in Business 2013 Leadership Speaker Series

January 4th, 2013

Hi Everyone,

Networking and having a strong knowledge base is an important part of becoming and staying  a well-balanced leader.  For many of you it’s important to stop all the “doing” take a break and  become part of the “being.”  As  a member of the Tempe Chamber Women in Business Council, I want to introduce you a very exciting Leadership Series.  If you attend all four programs, the cost is $60.00 for top notch speakers who charge several hundred dollars an hour.  You cannot beat this price.  Also, this includes a drawing for two free Southwest Airline tickets and a gift basket including free coaching and products.

Please read the email above and let your friends and colleagues know about this exciting opportunity.  You will not be sorry! For more information, click on the image below.

Looking forward to seeing you at the series!

Thursday, December 13, 2012 Pearl of Wisdom

December 13th, 2012

Did you know that having a positive attitude at work can actually help boost your company’s profit? Read more here. I am quoted on pg. 9 of the November issue of Task n’ Togs.

Have a great week and Stand Strong!

Thursday, November 29, 2012 Pearl of Wisdom

November 29th, 2012

A corporation has hired me to work with an executive whose behavioral skills are preventing him from being promoted into a leadership VP position.  We have had several sessions, including the sharing of behavioral assessments that he has taken.  I learned that my client is impatient, doesn’t listen well and is condescending to his peers, subordinates and colleagues.  Until recently, this client was unable to comprehend that his poor responses to others in the organization had nothing to do with the behaviors of the other people.

He is learning that his behavior has everything to do with his own unhappiness.  It is having a strong effect on his relationships in the workplace and at home.  Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon story.  Most of us are unhappy because our needs and desires are not being met.  Many of us feel that having a great deal of money, wearing expensive clothing, earning promotions at work, having smart children, playing games on our smart phones, etc., will bring us this happiness.   It doesn’t.  Not the happiness I’m talking about.

The happiness I’m referring to means experiencing unconditional love and acceptance.  Without these things we feel empty, alone and afraid.  We do not feel secure and at peace with ourselves.  When we feel secure we can be more tolerant of ourselves and the behavior of others.   By practicing acceptance and learning to be more truthful with others, we do not feel the need to criticize and blame.  Giving up these behaviors in the workplace takes a great deal of courage.   If you are interested in learning more about this philosophy and changing your life, email me for a free introductory session.

Thursday, November 20, 2012 Pearl of Wisdom

November 20th, 2012

5 Tips on How to Live from a Place of “Gratitude”

Gratitude is a tricky word for many people because they forget to live from a place of unconditional love.  As a world, we have yet to accept that although human kind has many similarities, we are all different based on our culture, heritage, life experiences, religion and purpose for being here.  Unconditional love leads us to gratitude, being happier and more successful.  It is not a sign of weakness.

Self-acceptance and acceptance is at the root of learning gratitude.  Stepping back and practicing acceptance helps us to see the reasons certain people are in our lives. Is it possible their behavior is pushing us to change and grow? My personal growth and life experience have taught this to be true.

Most of us avoid working on changing how we think and behave because it’s painful. Concentrating on people, places and things is much easier. We do not comprehend that other people’s inappropriate behaviors bother us because they mirror our fears and inadequacies.  When we accept this information without a doubt, we are ready to change.

Practice these five tips to help you start living from a place of gratitude, causing you to experience a happier Thanksgiving and holiday season.

  1. Set an intention to be more accepting and loving of your family and friends.
  2. Just before you hop out of bed each morning (from now until New Year’s), think about this intention and visualize it.
  3. When someone acts out inappropriately, remind yourself that something is causing this person to feeling inadequate, fearful and unloved.
  4. Look for a positive attribute or memory of the individuals who “trigger” you and share your gratefulness with them.
  5. Call, text or email a like-minded friend and ask for support in practicing being more patient and loving towards others who trigger your unconditional love.


Thursday, November 15, 2012 Pearl of Wisdom

November 15th, 2012

Can you rethink your ideas about gratitude?

“Let us come with thanksgiving also, for a thankful heart is in harmony with life”

The Science of Mind—p. 447

Yesterday an awful thing happened to me.  I once again had to face the fact that I’m human and make many mistakes, some big and some small.  Reviewing my calendar I realized that I had made an error and would be out of town visiting friends with my husband on the date and time I was supposed to give a presentation.  Although I was honest about it to the event planner (a close friend and colleague), shame immediately rose within me. How could I do this to her and disappoint my husband and friends?  During the rest of the day and evening I periodically beat myself up for being so disorganized, checked airlines and talked with my husband about it.  Of course, we were both upset.

Somehow I knew I needed to journal about this and clear my thoughts.  Experience has taught me this is the best way to calm down and see things clearly.  The result, I slept through the night and re-empowered myself as I began to understand that mistakes happen no matter how responsible we want to be. I decided to stick with my original plans and work out a solution with my colleague.  Her response was great and she actually reminded me of something I had journaled—“this was meant to happen even if we don’t know the reason”.  It also looks like I will have another chance at the beginning of next year.  WOW!

This incident and journaling about it opened me to rethink my ideas about gratitude. I experienced the love of deep friendship, better interaction with my spouse and the ability to “let go” quickly.  It also confirmed my spiritual beliefs.  I am grateful.


Monday, November 5, 2012 Pearl of Wisdom

November 5th, 2012

Recently I spoke about the need for leaders to reflect happiness in business.  Strong leaders need to develop joy and contentment in their thoughts and actions.   For many, this is not an easy task.  Most employees, executives and business owners today live from a place of stress and pressure to get the job done and increase the bottom line.  This type of thinking has been greatly accelerated as an outcome of the great recession.  The ability to enjoy what is being created while accomplishing what needs to be done has been lost.

Creating a happy personal and professional life (as well as a workplace) is quite possible.  It is not an easy task because it requires major mind shifts.  Most people think they have to work very hard to create desired results.  Science has proven otherwise. It is a myth that many people still choose to believe.

Through research, scientists now know that the universe is made up of energy.  Everything here on earth, including us, is vibrating.  Research shows that happy people vibrate at higher levels, therefore attracting what they want to generate with little effort. Understanding that their personal resistance is holding them back from creating desired results is difficult for people.  Most people forget that feeling happy and content is a natural way of being.  It is the state of mind that manifests their desires through generating positive energy.  The right answers, situations and people are drawn to them and they do not have to work very hard to make this happen.

Figuring out what behaviors and thinking stimulate resistance is the key to turning personal and professional lives around.  Letting go of ego produced thinking and ensuring our motives are pure produces contentment and happiness. Spend time asking and contemplating questions to yourself that will help you figure out the filters and fears that keep you in resistance.  This behavior changes lives for the better.

Monday, October 22, 2012 Pearl of Wisdom

October 22nd, 2012

Creating High Vibration Energy

This week I am going back to the basics.  Our life creations are totally dependent on our energetic thoughts.  Low vibrations of negativity produce sluggish, stuck emotions such as sadness, gloom and despondency.  Well-being, joy and happiness come from the high vibration of positive thoughts.

Many of you have read my book and practiced affirmations diligently. You’ve created visions and believed in them wholeheartedly.  What is the reason these practices haven’t worked?  Although I may not have all the answers, today I’ll give you a few:

  • Change of thinking must take place on a subconscious level
  • Visualization is crucial to saying affirmations
  • Belief in what you do want vs. belief in what you don’t want

Most beliefs start in childhood and are based on our parent’s actions.  For example, seeing parents fight over money produces images and thoughts that support “money is bad.” Continued exposure to these types of experiences embeds them into our belief system at the subconscious level.

Later on, learning that money is just energy and wanting more of it, most people still continue “need” and “lack” based thinking, espousing words like “I don’t have enough money.”  After all, we learned that money was bad.  Breaking the cycle, means thinking from a place of, “I have all that I need and I am so grateful for it.” The universal Law of Attraction will always create more of the same.

We must create a stream of thinking at a high energy vibration in order to change our subconscious thoughts.  Visualization supports the emotions we need for sustaining a high energy level.  Visualizing images of all the good we have in our lives creates strong positive emotions.  Just being grateful for waking up in the morning is positive.  If you’re not feeling well, know that the body has all it needs to get better.  Learning to be grateful is hard work.  With what you already know, it will pay off in “spades.”

Monday, September 24, 2012 Pearl of Wisdom

September 24th, 2012

This past week I attended a 3 day Boot Camp sponsored by TTI (Target Training Intl).  They are the worldwide leader in personal and professional assessment tools.  As a worldwide Value Added Associate I partner with them to provide tools to help business and organization effectively manage their people.  In addition, I use their tools with my one-on-one coaching clients. As a follower of my blog, you know that my work as a coach, trainer and speaker is all about change–personal and professional development with an emphasis on relationship development. The Boot Camp was an exhilarating and knowledge filled experience.  It  motivated me to bring you one of the tools that can’t help but assist you understand how you behave and why you are motivated, recognize the behavioral style of others, and how to blend your style for greater, more effective communication and relationships.

If you desire to create maximum effectiveness in your people interaction an absolute must for success,  then notify me and I will make it happen for FREE.  Yes, you read correctly.

This offer will last from the Monday October 1, 2012 thru Friday November 30.  When you take the assessment, you will receive a 30 page report.

I will offer two 90 minute webinars to help you debrief and understand your assessment. The first one will be held the first week of November (for those who took it in October) and the second one will be held the first week in December (for those who took it in November).  The cost for this will be $39.00.  NO KIDDING, THIS NORMALLY WOULD COST $300.00.

PLEASE EMAIL ME AT to sign up and you will be given instructions on how to proceed.

Happy Labor Day!

September 3rd, 2012