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Arlene Rosenberg Workshops and Courses

Power Your Life With Arlene Rosenberg
Arlene is a frequent speaker on empowerment for leaders and change management. She is frequently asked back to speak with other groups within the organization and become a coach for many of the attendees.

Here’s what the chapter had to say: "Great catch phrases, Lots of ideas, Arlene is wonderful, good stuff, I wish it had been longer.” Arlene you are welcome back anytime you are in NY.

Laurie Lawson, CEC,ACC
Vice President, ICF-NYC

Since going through several of her own transformations caused by a life filled with loss, negativity, neglect and abuse, Arlene has been dedicated to only one thing:  Stimulating as many individuals as possible to learn and understand how to empower their lives and career.My ability to:

  • Create instant rapport with the audience
  • Inspire people to take risks
  • Reveal honestly the tough times of my journey from “Victim” to “Victor”
  • Demonstrate  tools people need so they will refuse to “give up”
  • Train people on the mind shifts they need to empower themselves

is the reason I have been so successful as a workshop leader and keynote presenter.” My audiences know that I have “walked my talk”.  She adds, “they trust and believe in me.”


Harnessing the Power of Vision

 For Executives and Business Owners
I believe that the cornerstone or key factor for sustained empowerment and success of a business leader is clarity of vision and commitment to achieving that vision through ongoing business and personal planning, filtering key decisions against the details of the vision and rigorous execution. This one day workshop for business leaders concentrates on a process for visioning and planning that I have continued to expand and develop for the past 18 years. 

I've had the pleasure of hearing Arlene speak on a number of occasions.  Each time, I have been impressed with her professionalism, inner wisdom, and ability to inspire her audience. Her outgoing style and personal anecdotes keep people involved and invigorated.

Mary Ann Alber
Dial Corporation

Participants can expect:

  • Creation of a clear and compelling vision for each participants life, work and career that will drive them towards their next level of achievement.
  • Development of key strategies and action steps to implement over the next year or multi-year period. In essence the plan becomes a blueprint and roadmap of how to achieve the complete vision.
  • Identify and prioritize strategies, actions and milestones for the coming year- where appropriate a precursor to a working business plan.
  • A renewed sense of purpose and direction for sr. executives and business owners.


During this thought-provoking and lively interactive workshop geared to high-achieving women, attendees will learn how to let go of self-limiting behaviors around business, relationships and money.  Arlene explains how to use her 3-step formula,  to build confidence, power, and success.  She teaches women executives and leaders how to let go of societal and psychological limitations and reshape the way they think about themselves, their lives and/or careers.   Arlene helps attendees shift their thinking from seeing success and prosperity as conditions in life to seeing them as a way of living and thinking.

Arlene’s workshop was inspiring, thought provoking, and helped me to start focusing on what was holding me back, making me feel stuck.  I felt an instant bond with her and the message she delivered to the group”

Patti Riley, PMP
AVP, Project Management Manager
Wells Fargo - DSSG

Based on her book,” Say It, See It, Be It: How Visions & Affirmations Will Change Your Life”, Arlene gives tools and systems as she weaves the story and journey to free herself take her power back.

Benefits for Attendees:

  • A method for transforming or re-inventing their lives and careers

  • Learn how to let go of self-limiting success behaviors

  • Learn new concepts on giving, receiving and creativity

  • Methods for being great contributors to their families, workplaces and communities

Maximizing Your Time In An Ever Changing World

For business owners and sole practitioners
“If only I had more time in a day” seems to be the common cry of most people I meet.  I believe with strong commitment and desire anyone can learn how to be more productive and maximize their time.  In this workshop, we work on motives for managing time better so that participants will want to change their habits and become more productive. Attendees will learn a system that creates good time management skills and allows each to feel they are in control and more responsible and effective.  Participants will also receive specific techniques to improve life/work balance and understand why they work. .

Participants can expect:

A proven method for breaking down old habits and beliefs while learning how to increase their productivity, focus, and organizing skills.  

A system that will keep them structured, thinking ahead, and prioritized allowing them to be relaxed, more spontaneous and creative.

Techniques to deal with the biggest time wasters—meetings, unexpected visitors, telephone, e-mail etc.