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““Many of us have learned that no matter how hard we try we cannot change certain events or the behaviors and actions of others.  What we can change is ourselves to positively transform our lives.  Unfortunately, few of us truly learn to master change.  Instead we become swept up in the pain of the past, which is over and done anyway, and fear of creating the new. For many it is easier to resist change and live in denial rather than create a powerful fulfilling life.”
Arlene Rosenberg


Professional and personal development advisor, coach, speaker and author for more than two decades, Arlene Rosenberg has become a well known leader in the human potential and personal empowerment arena.

“I thank Arlene for her honesty, integrity, compassion and willingness to challenge me when it was least expected. So, if you need a little nudge or a really big push to get back on track in reaching your full potential, Arlene Rosenberg is the person to contact. She is a phenomenal woman!”

Margaret Randle,
Project Management Professional
I coach and consult with executives, Fortune 500 corporations and entrepreneurs, on both professional and personal fronts helping them manage change and transitions.   My coaching programs and products, mastermind groups, workshops and seminars help executives and small business owners manage their time more effectively, be better team members, improve their interpersonal skills and learn the importance of having a well thought out, strategic plan to ensure the fulfillment of their visions. 

My passion is to teach courage, confidence, and empowerment using the formula (Formula)formula which I developed over the last 20 years.  This process has been used to coach hundreds of clients to success. The three steps are:  identification, integration, and implementation.  Clients partner with me to help identify and become aware of the thoughts in their consciousness that sabotage and prevent them from “Standing Strong” and consistently owning their power. Secondly, they work hard to integrate new knowledge and thinking, “letting go” of their old beliefs and building an image that allows them to communicate and present themselves effectively to take their rightful roles in society.    Finally, they implement these new attitudes, thoughts and behaviors into the lives they want and deserve.  This is not a linear process.  It is one that goes back and forth allowing for growth in all areas in a short period of time.

I was raised in an abusive, negative environment causing me to suffer low self-esteem and feelings of worthlessness for many years.  As I healed and discovered specific processes that helped me rebuild my self-esteem, I began to share these strategies with consulting and coaching clients and (later on) audiences who were hungry for self-empowerment.  These strategies continued to help me come through great loss and tragedy in my adult life.   My clients say I “walk my talk:” “people must want to change and recognize the benefits of external guidance and reassurance to cope with their internal resistance and highs and lows of the process.” I know firsthand that personal change is the hardest course of action for anyone because it requires a “letting go” of past attitudes, habits and beliefs, many of which have been mentally programmed since childhood.  We aren’t supposed to do it alone and having someone to “share the journey”, which can be quite fearful, makes the transition so much easier.