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Learn how to re-invent yourself, your career, and your business in this ever-changing economy. Build your world with no limits and endless possibilities. Rid yourself of fear and become a risk taker.

As program chair of the Phoenix Chapter of the American Society of Women Accountants, I was fortunate to secure Arlene Rosenberg as our keynote speaker for a recent regional conference. The message she delivered was warmly and enthusiastically received by our attendees. I would highly recommend Arlene as a speaker for your next event!"

Deborah Lavinsky
Program Chair Phoenix Chapter of ASWA Regional Conference

Objective:   Teach attendees that they are truly rich when they understand how to listen to their inner voice and translate it into vision and action.

Presentation: Arlene explains how to use her 3-step formula, Formulato build confidence, power, and success.  She teaches that these are not conditions in life but are attitudes toward life. They are a way of living and thinking. The three steps are:

  • Identify - the “old” barriers and outdated belief systems
  • integrate – new visions, knowledge and transparency
  • implement - new behaviors and skills for  clearer vision, communication, relationships and teamwork.

Benefits for Attendees:
     Understand the need to re-think the way they are living and doing business
     A method for transforming or re-inventing their lives and or/ businesses
     Learn how to let go of self-limiting behaviors
     Find out the reasons that support “work and life” as a creative and giving process


It takes hard work to turn a good idea into a thriving, sustainable business and maintain it during challenging economic times. Yet, there are business leaders and managers who succeed. How are they doing it?

During our first ever Ed Con event last month for MPI.  We needed a good line up of high powered speakers to make our inaugural conference come off smoothly and effectively… You made us all look good on the planning committee, and gave our members some great value with your expert words of education that makes every cent of their dues worth the investment

Michael Stawiarski
Program Chair 2008 Ed Con
President Elect – Arizona Chapter

Objective:  Help business owners stay committed to overcoming a “victim/scarcity” mentality that is all pervasive during tough economic time.

Presentation:  Peter Drucker asks this question, “How can you get others to do what you want, if you are not clear on what you want?” After years of working with business owners and senior executives, Arlene is convinced that a clear vision and the ability to communicate that vision with clarity is the key to accomplishment and success. Attendees will learn how to create a clear vision, think differently, and understand the need for specific goals and strategies to make their vision a reality. She engages the audience right from the start by sharing the lessons she learned from her personal story of triumph after September 11.

Benefits for Attendees:
How to create a big vision for their business and develop a plan to make it happen
How to stay committed and focused on what needs to be accomplished
How to let go of victim/scarcity thinking and create prosperity