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Arlene Rosenberg
Arlene Rosenberg
Arlene Rosenberg
Arlene Rosenberg
Arlene Rosenberg


The applause finally stops….

You stand in the back, watching audience members engaged in animated discussion, streaming to the front of the room, or still furiously taking notes.

This is what event and meeting planning is all about, and you await the inevitable congratulations for a job well done.

I found your presentations to be very inspiring and motivating.  You were able to relate your knowledge and experiences in a way that made for an informative, entertaining and humorous presentation.  From the audience participation - their laughter, their willingness to share, I could tell that you had made a very favorable impression on them.  For two years in a row, and consistently after all your presentations, our members have been requesting that you return for yet another presentation.  That is a great sign of your speaking abilities as well as the gift that you have for touching so many lives in such a positive way.

Thomas M. Kula
VP of Programs
PMI Phoenix Chapter

Your meeting is ended, but the praise you’ll receive continues for days. Here’s why…

Arlene Rosenberg is the Speaker for Your Next Meeting

Arlene Rosenberg has been called a real life “Human Potential Expert.

She founded Leading Achievers™ Institute to provide leading-edge expertise in human potential and personal empowerment. She now shares her vast knowledge and wisdom with audiences around the world.

Audience members feel an instant connection to Arlene through her stories and by her real-life examples. They are literally moved to action by understanding at a deep, visceral level their true potential.

Arlene is the author of the award-winning book Say It, See It, Be It™: How Visions & Affirmations Will Change Your Life. She has worked with such prestigious organizations as New York Life, Citicorp, Coldwell Banker, Banner Health Inc, and UBS Warburg to name a few.

What you can expect from Arlene…


Stories of transformation from 25 years of leading achievers in personal and professional growth elevate your audience to new heights of hope and promise.

Proven systems draw participants to quick and profound insights about themselves and their present situation.

With laser precision and gentle guidance, you clarify your purpose and vision for a better future. No-nonsense strategies for rapidly moving through change also promote cooperation and collaboration throughout your organization. What starts inside manifest’s outside in increased sales, stronger marketing, better relationships, and more balance between personal and professional pursuits.