Thursday, April 4, 2013 Pearl of Wisdom

I want to thank all of you who took the time to tell me you enjoy the weekly Pearls and want me to continue.  Your comments touched me. I have not yet responded to everyone personally but definitely plan to do this over the next few weeks.

Are you rushing through life? After twenty years of coaching I’ve learned that most people do not make choices based on what will make them happy. Instead, they use many unproductive behaviors so they don’t have to feel discomfort. The speed of life today is so fast that it is easy to find ways to deny or avoid our unhappiness. We have lost the ability to enjoy our lives and just have fun. Have you found yourself rushing to a Yoga class, softball game or even a movie? The answer is probably yes. I need to admit that at times, I am guilty as well.

When I ask myself the reason I’m rushing, (why don’t I have enough time) the answer is always the same. I’m trying to fit in way too much. One of the major reasons for this is I spend too much time doing the things I don’t want to be doing. Yet, I do them because I feel it is the “right thing to do.” In the process I am not true to myself.

As I’m moving into the later years of my career, I recognized that I have cheated myself and others many times. Had I done what I wanted to do and chosen more carefully, I would have been happier and more productive. The people around me would have benefited as well. We all have the ability to feel happier when we are willing to choose “what is right” for us (what will make us happy) and not “what is right” for others.

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