Thursday, June 20, 2013 Pearl of Wisdom

Who Makes You Angry?

Last week we looked at Seth Godin’s blog Angry is a Habit. I stated that when people are angry they want power.  Yes, anger gives us momentary power but it is never lasting and in the end it depletes us of peace and happiness.  Many of us believe that other people “make them angry”.

Greg Baer author of, Real Love in the Workplace (and my coach) tells us that anger (attacking) has nothing to do with what someone does or does not do.  It is an outgrowth of not feeling unconditionally loved (Real Love) in our lives.  Once we understand this, he says, it gives us real power.  We all have the ability to choose how we respond.  Yet most of us frequently do not choose to own our anger and take responsibility for it. We’re perfectly happy to blame others and give up our power.

The reason people choose to respond with anger is their deeper feelings of powerlessness.  We use anger to create fear hoping it will motivate people to do what we want which Baer calls a “getting behavior”.    The second way we use anger is to “protect “ourselves from other people hurting us.

Please answer the following question in the comments section below so we can support each other on this important topic.

We all have the ability not to elect anger as a response when others treat us inappropriately.   How do you stop yourself from responding with an attack or angry tone with your spouse or child?

I know your answers will help us all.

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