Thursday, July 11, 2013 Pearl of Wisdom

What is your Identity?

Recently I read an interview in Science of Mind Magazine with Don Miguel Ruiz, author of the Four Agreements. It was titled, The Magic of Unconditional Love. Ruiz sees us as artists creating our own life story. He states that “we live in the story we create as the main character, and feel it is real.” In essence we are basing our stories on what we believe to be true about ourselves. The truth is none of it is real. It is all based on what we have created in our head from our experiences and interactions with others.

Your Identity forms from what you see and hear from your parents, friends, spouse, children, relatives etc. People’s beliefs about us and their actions towards us strongly influence the development of our identity or self-image. Changing these identities is very difficult because our egos keep pushing us to act like who we believe we are. Fear of letting go of this image accounts for most of the resistance we feel. Who would we be without it?

Who we believe we are is only believed by us. It’s our creation. It follows us everywhere. For example, if you see yourself (identity) as a victim, everything you do will be influenced by this thinking. When you are working on projects or in conversation, you will come from a place of not feeling good enough. Most of the time we are totally unaware of how we are acting or what is motivating us. It is in our subconscious.

As a student of Greg Baer studying Real Love, I am learning that you can change or shift your identity. Below are some suggestions.

• Awareness of the behaviors that prevent you from being happy
• Telling the truth about your behaviors to those who can accept you just as you are
• Spending time with people who care only about your happiness with no thought for themselves
• Learning to accept yourself unconditionally –accept yourself just the way you are.

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