Thursday, October 3, 2013 Pearl of Wisdom

This Pearl is one from my archives…enjoy!

Creating High Vibration Energy

This week I am going back to the basics.  Our life creations are totally dependent on our energetic thoughts.  Low vibrations of negativity produce sluggish, stuck emotions such as sadness, gloom and despondency.  Well-being, joy and happiness come from the high vibration of positive thoughts.

Many of you have read my book and practiced affirmations diligently. You’ve created visions and believed in them wholeheartedly.  What is the reason these practices haven’t worked?  Although I may not have all the answers, today I’ll give you a few:

  • Change of thinking must take place on a subconscious level
  • Visualization is crucial to saying affirmations
  • Belief in what you do want vs. belief in what you don’t want

Most beliefs start in childhood and are based on our parent’s actions.  For example, seeing parents fight over money produces images and thoughts that support “money is bad.” Continued exposure to these types of experiences embeds them into our belief system at the subconscious level.

Later on, learning that money is just energy and wanting more of it, most people still continue “need”and “lack” based thinking, espousing words like “I don’t have enough money.”  After all, we learned that money was bad.  Breaking the cycle, means thinking from a place of, “I have all that I need and I am so grateful for it.” The universal Law of Attraction will always create more of the same.

We must create a stream of thinking at a high energy vibration in order to change our subconscious thoughts.  Visualization supports the emotions we need for sustaining a high energy level.  Visualizing images of all the good we have in our lives creates strong positive emotions.  Just being grateful for waking up in the morning is positive.  If you’re not feeling well, know that the body has all it needs to get better.  Learning to be grateful is hard work.  With what you already know, it will pay off in “spades.”

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