How the Knowledge of Change Empowered One Woman to Succeed

After several years of climbing the corporate ladder, Sam had achieved a well-deserved senior vice president position at a large software company. However, three years later, the company was sold and Sam found herself forced to reapply for a position for which she was overqualified and already under compensated. Sam became increasingly unhappy with her situation at work, and frustrated with herself. She knew that she deserved a more prestigious title, increased responsibility and a higher salary, but she did not know how to achieve these goals. She thought about traditional therapy, but then a friend referred her to Arlene Rosenberg, an executive business coach and professional development advisor.

Sam scheduled her first session with Rosenberg in 2005. The two met twice a month via phone.

After her first call Sam felt “immediately positive.”  Rosenberg could relate to what Sam was saying because she too had walked in her shoes.

Through their sessions, Rosenberg helped Sam to peel back the emotionally-charged layers of her situation. She soon realized that her struggles at work were directly related to her personal life, and the way she had always operated within her family and social relationships.

“We began speaking three times per month in order to look more closely at her personal relationships and identify ways she could improve them,” said Rosenberg. “We also uncovered ways in which she could apply those lessons and insights to her work life, so she could effectively deal with her subordinates, peers and supervisors at work,” said Rosenberg.”

After six months, Sam felt she had gained a sufficient grasp of her value to the organization. She confidently asked her supervisor for a salary increase, and was immediately granted a $27,000 pay raise.

“I went in there and remembered what Arlene had taught me, ‘say what you mean and mean what you say’, and I was respectful of my supervisor and the organization, but clearly made him aware of my needs.”

Rosenberg attributes Sam’s increased self-confidence to their work together, uncovering and diffusing fears until she was able to see that she was in fact very deserving of the recognition and pay increase for which she yearned.

A few months later Sam got her title of senior vice president back, but she found that she was actually ready to move on. Knowing that she was marketable and had options, Sam decided to start looking for a new job.

Rosenberg advised Sam to get more involved with professional networking groups and organizations. She also reconnected with professionals she already knew and tapped into all of her resources.

Sam was recruited for a position that was very exciting, but outside of her current career path. With Rosenberg’s help, Sam was able to masterfully navigate the interview process and negotiate a desirable salary. Rosenberg also supported Sam while she wrangled with the decision to leave her job, and helped to guide her through the transition.

Nearly four years later Sam and Rosenberg still speak regularly. Sam is thinking about leaving her current job to launch her own business. She feels ready for a leadership position and desires more flexibility. She wants to set the direction for an organization and make a more significant impact. With Rosenberg by her side, Sam has plans to achieve this goal in 2009.

Rosenberg is thrilled with the phenomenal transformation she has witnessed in Sam. She feels that Sam is now a viable, confident, visionary business woman.

Sam says that she’s certain she could not have made this transformation on her own. Rosenberg helped her to focus on the real issues, and addressed ways with which to deal with them. Sam continues to set the goals and Rosenberg provides her the tools and accountability in order to achieve them.

Rosenberg understands first-hand the dynamic process of change, which allows her to be patient, understanding and encouraging while walking beside her clients through a variety of challenges.

“I have walked my talk,” said Rosenberg. “In order to be successful, you must change your attitudes, habits and beliefs to broaden yourself and rise to the next level.” 

*Names have been changed to protect the identity of the client.