Thursday, May 16, 2013 Pearl of Wisdom

Do Words Count in Understanding Others?

Words do count in many more ways than you realize.  The words we use can greatly influence the response we receive from those we interact with.  Words are clues on how individuals prefer to communicate and how to best communicate with them. The more we come to understand our own styles of communication, have the ability to assess other people’s styles, and adapt our messages to their choice of words we can better connect and get our needs met.

Below are the words that will help you recognize people that fall into the four behavioral styles (DISC) presented in the TTI Behavioral Assessments/Reports that I use with my clients

1. Dominance—the extroverted, direct, individual who is task oriented and the ability to push the group along.

  • Words they use and will respond to: win, challenge, results, compete, and take the risk

2. Influence—the expressive, outgoing, verbally persuasive, friendly inspiring individual who desires freedom

  • Words they use and will respond to: chat, I feel, exciting, trust, and motivate

3. Steadiness—the individual who does not express their emotions, is a loyal team player whose goal is harmony.

  • Words they use and will respond to:  balance, harmony, team player, think about it, and patience

4. Compliance—the clear and objective thinker who is analytical, methodical and desires complete accuracy.

  • Words they use and will respond to:  here are the facts and figures, prove it, tactics, strategy, and accurate

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