Thursday, May 23, 2013 Pearl of Wisdom

While cleaning out my files, I found this old hand out. Self-esteem is the key to success. Read these statements over once a week. They can be applied to communicating with children, spouses and just about anyone who you interact with. I bet you’ll find one or two that you can work on.

Wishing everyone a great Memorial Day Weekend!

Patterns That Keep Self-Esteem Low

Having difficulty reaching out and asking for support and love (learned “helplessness”)

Trying to “get even” or to diminish the self-esteem or power of the other

Tending to be judgmental; putdowns that sabotage the other’s success; fault-finding; persecuting; punishing

“Holding out” on the other; not giving what the other wants or needs

Making, then breaking promises; seduction into trust

Patronizing, condescending treatment of the other that sets one partner up as superior and the other as inferior; intimidation

Making decisions for the other; discounting the other’s ability to problem-solve

Attempting to change the other (and unwillingness to change the self)

Showing an antidependent attitude: “I don’t need you”

Using bullying, bribing behavior: use of threats

Defending any of the above behaviors

Have a great week and stand strong!

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