Thursday, August 8, 2013 Pearl of Wisdom

What is Mind Chatter?

Mind chatter is the conversation we have with ourselves.  It is usually a negative conversation based on our thoughts, feelings and emotions.  This negative chatter can take many forms and is based on our fears.  We argue with ourselves, create fearful stories of “what might happen,” tell ourselves how we can’t do something, and even repeat over and over how we are “not good enough.”

There really are only two thought patterns-love and fear.  Fear is really the absence of unconditional love for ourselves and others.  It is the most negative force in the universe. Yet, it is reflected all around us.  It accounts for the many wars in this world, the high divorce rate, mass murders and shootings.  Fear is a condition of pain.  Most of us will do anything to avoid it.  This accounts for our  lying, cheating, criticism and attacking of others.  We will do just about anything to avoid our pain of not feeling loved.

So how do we really stop this negative mind chatter so we can be happier?  Three major changes of behavior are needed. *

  1. Start associating with people who can love you.  They do exist out there and they are the ones who have no expectations of you.
  2. Stop letting what others think about you influence your actions and behaviors.  All this concern of what others think is a fear that they will not accept you or like you.
  3. Start telling your truth.  This doesn’t mean to everyone but to those who can listen and not be judgmental or think poorly of you.  These are the people who can unconditional love you and support you in making changes that will make you feel happier. The idiom, “the truth will make you free” is no lie.

*I am a student of the Real Love philosophy developed by the author, speaker and coach, Greg Baer. Many of the thoughts I write are based on his teachings.

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