Thursday, August 29, 2013 Pearl of Wisdom

This Pearl is one from my archive. Enjoy!

I talked about the integration of two types of leadership; results-driven and people-oriented.  When combined these styles create the High Impact Leader sorely needed for today’s work force.  Most of us fall into one or the other category and very few have developed the skills of both.  If you are willing, these skills can be learned.  By using certain assessments including the 360, you can determine the professional development needed in this area.

The days of autocratic bullying are over and will destroy those who behave in this manner, no matter how excellent their technical skills. The high impact leader (results-driven and people-oriented) builds credibility through a strategy that includes understanding the effect their behaviors have on others in the organization.  This includes subordinates, coworkers and management.  When you combine behaviors needed for results with kindness, people respond to you differently.  Tanya Edwards of Edward Consulting states, “experience and research show that leaders and co-workers who demonstrate kindness and compassion, inspire others to act similarly.” In companies where I have consulted/coached this is what brings about superior results. Your respect of others paves the way for your credibility and success.

*The ideas presented are loosely based on information given in a presentation by Suzanne J. Peterson, Ph.D. professor of management at W.P.  Carey School of Business, ASU.

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