Thursday, September 5, 2013 Pearl of Wisdom

Are you ready for true happiness at work?

Typically the summer flies by for most of us.  It’s the time of year that we all look forward to for relaxing the pace, going on vacations and spending more time with our friends and families. We feel happier and freer.   During a conversation with a client today he remarked that there was sadness for him at the end of this season and the freedom it represented.  Upon further discussion, it became apparent that he saw the summer as an end to any freedom he felt.  He owned that he was already overworked and saw drudgery in the upcoming months because he would be putting in even more hours at work with no extra help.

I suggested that his unhappiness had to do with a need to constantly “be doing” at work and home and a need for perfection in all that he approached.   He believed that this behavior would make him successful and productive.    It was apparent to me that this client was trying to build his esteem through his work.  A mistake many of us make.  Good self-esteem comes from feeling loved which results in confidence, happiness and success.

After 20+ years of executive coaching and working with hundreds of clients, I explained that being successful does not necessarily make you happy or feel good about yourself.   Feeling the freedom to do what makes us happy brings about the kind of success we are all looking for.   Moving from a human doing mindset to one of choosing happiness in all that we do is very difficult for most people. It feels like we are working against what our society believes and pushes.  By the end of the session, my client knew what he wanted to be working in in our upcoming meetings.

This past year I have walked through a happiness mind shift.  Yes, there were several fearful moments. Despite these feelings, I can truthfully tell you it is working.  Not only am I happier and earning more money, I feel more free than ever.  If you want to create true happiness in your life, improve your relationships and have more work success, call me for a free 30 minute consult.  Don’t let fear stand in the way of your happiness and success.

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