Thursday, October 31, 2013 Pearl of Wisdom

This Pearl is one from my archives. Enjoy!

A corporation has hired me to work with an executive whose behavioral skills are preventing him from being promoted into a leadership VP position.  We have had several sessions, including the sharing of behavioral assessments that he has taken.  I learned that my client is impatient, doesn’t listen well and is condescending to his peers, subordinates and colleagues.  Until recently, this client was unable to comprehend that his poor responses to others in the organization had nothing to do with the behaviors of the other people.

He is learning that his behavior has everything to do with his own unhappiness.  It is having a strong effect on his relationships in the workplace and at home.  Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon story.  Most of us are unhappy because our needs and desires are not being met.  Many of us feel that having a great deal of money, wearing expensive clothing, earning promotions at work, having smart children, playing games on our smart phones, etc., will bring us this happiness.   It doesn’t.  Not the happiness I’m talking about.

The happiness I’m referring to means experiencing unconditional love and acceptance.  Without these things we feel empty, alone and afraid.  We do not feel secure and at peace with ourselves.  When we feel secure we can be more tolerant of ourselves and the behavior of others.   By practicing acceptance and learning to be more truthful with others, we do not feel the need to criticize and blame.  Giving up these behaviors in the workplace takes a great deal of courage.   If you are interested in learning more about this philosophy and changing your life, email me for a free introductory session.

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