Thursday, November 28, 2013 Pearl of Wisdom

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Can you rethink your ideas about gratitude?

“Let us come with thanksgiving also, for a thankful heart is in harmony with life”

The Science of Mind—p. 447

Yesterday an awful thing happened to me.  I once again had to face the fact that I’m human and make many mistakes, some big and some small.  Reviewing my calendar I realized that I had made an error and would be out of town visiting friends with my husband on the date and time I was supposed to give a presentation.  Although I was honest about it to the event planner (a close friend and colleague), shame immediately rose within me. How could I do this to her and disappoint my husband and friends?  During the rest of the day and evening I periodically beat myself up for being so disorganized, checked airlines and talked with my husband about it.  Of course, we were both upset.

Somehow I knew I needed to journal about this and clear my thoughts.  Experience has taught me this is the best way to calm down and see things clearly.  The result, I slept through the night and re-empowered myself as I began to understand that mistakes happen no matter how responsible we want to be. I decided to stick with my original plans and work out a solution with my colleague.  Her response was great and she actually reminded me of something I had journaled—“this was meant to happen even if we don’t know the reason”.  It also looks like I will have another chance at the beginning of next year.  WOW!

This incident and journaling about it opened me to rethink my ideas about gratitude. I experienced the love of deep friendship, better interaction with my spouse and the ability to “let go” quickly.  It also confirmed my spiritual beliefs.  I am grateful.


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